Are you an e-liquid connoisseur who enjoys premium e-liquids? You might want to look away now, as this article is dedicated to vapers looking for cheap e-liquid.

E-juice prices over the past few years have become more and more expensive with prices reaching, and sometimes even surpassing, a dollar per milliliter of e-liquid. It seems like every e-liquid brand these days has their own “ultra premium” line. Whilst some of these lines definitely warrant their price tags and taste fantastic, not every vaper is able to afford these higher-end vape juices. Whilst most brands have been focussing their attention on their high VG premium lines, there are still some great cheap e-liquids on the market that will do the job for those vapers on a budget.

Let’s not beat around the bush, cheap e-juice is affordable for a reason and won’t be able to compete with the premium brands on flavor and complexity of blends. You get what you pay for and many of the self professed e-liquid snobs will turn up their noses at some of the cheaper e-liquids brands. That doesn’t mean they can’t provide you with an enjoyable vape! We enjoy a wide array of e-juices and many of our team started vaping on cheaper e-liquids. If you are a vaper on a budget and are looking for cheap vape juice, we have you covered. Check out our tips below on how to save money on your monthly e-juice bill. After that we look at some of the best cheap vape juices we have tried so far.

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