Chances are, Vape Boss is probably one of the first things you saw – and continue to see – whenever you Google “vape app.” Even if you don’t know it.

This is because Vape Boss isn’t just an app. It’s a full-fledged mobile platform for vapers, complete with news, shopping, social networking, pic sharing, tips and more.

Launched in 2014, Vape Boss was designed to offer a free, all-encompassing, “one stop” resource for vapers. With just a few clicks, users are able to find nearby shops, locations of their favorite e-liquids, product reviews, and a platform to buy, sell, trade and share vape products.

Using a clean, intuitive interface, Vape Boss not only exists as its own app, but the platform can be licensed and customized by any vaping retailer to promote their own businesses. So, if you search “vape app” in the App Store, you might not only see the core Vape Boss listing, but also potentially dozens of nearby shops leveraging the tool for their own purposes.

Vape Boss also gives shops the chance to be featured retailers, build SEO-driven websites, and much more, showing just how dedicated they are to our cause.

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