Pod hack: re-wick and dry burn


What I use:

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Cotton
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • A 1/16 drill bit (or a 16 gauge syringe needle)

Re-wicking the MyJet pods extends their life, thus saving money. As much as I like these pods, they don’t last much longer than 10-15 mL before they need a rewick.

This tutorial may be a bit advanced for some, but there is nothing to lose if the pod was going to be tossed anyway. May as well try.


When I notice a drop off in flavor to the pods, it’s time to re-wick. I take that pod and get to work!


Pull off the coil base. If you still have liquid in the pod, prop it up so it won’t fall, or empty it back into a bottle. If the top rubber stopper comes off or stays in the pod, don’t worry. Just take it off or take it out of the pod (you may need to use the drill bit to scoop it out if it stays in the pod).

Now take your needle nose pliers and pull out the cotton (Not pictured). Toss the old wick in the trash. But take special note of how much tension is in the cotton as you pull it out (you want to match that tension when you re-wick).


Now I take off the bottom rubber stopper and set that aside. (Not pictured)

The metal coil housing needs to be taken out. It’s a tight fit. To take out the metal piece, pinch the top portion of the metal housing with your pliers. Pinch firmly. Now twist the bottom of the coil base. It should pop right out. If the coil gets bent out of shape from doing this, that is okay. It will be fixed.


This is where I am in the process. If the coil looks like it does here, and it usually does, I fix it.


This is how I fix it. I take out the drill bit and insert it into the coil. If the coil is really bent, I tease the rod in. I pull up gently on the coil and use my fingernail to get the coil spacing consistent.


Now it’s time to “dry burn” the coil. This cleans the coil for another round of vaping.

Take the lighter and put the tip of the flame to the coil and wait for it to glow. Do it a couple times, or until the coil gets clean of gunk.

Note: there is a better way to do this, but I feel the lighter method is the easiest. If anyone would like to see the other way, just ask in the comments.


Now I start reassembling.

Put the metal housing back on, and then the bottom rubber stopper. I then check to make sure my coil is centered perfectly, which it never is, then I get it centered. Grab the drill bit again.


No biggie, just guide the coil until it’s centered. After it is all good, I put the top rubber stopper back on.


This is how it should look. Next step, re-wick!


Now cut your cotton. I can’t say how much I use (it’s much less than I used in this shot). I just make sure the cotton goes through with a similar resistance as it was when it was pulled out . In general, use less than you think you should.

Now I snip the cotton as close to the edges of the bottom rubber stopper as possible (don’t let the tails extend beyond the bottom rubber stopper). It’s best to use small scissors to cut the wick tails but I used a large set of scissors in this hack (couldn’t find my small scissors!).


I give the coil base one more look, and then it’s time to go back in the pod. That’s it!

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