New Jersey vape shops are facing extinction if a bill in the New Jersey Assembly passes. Bill A 3704 would ban the sale of vape products that use any “characterizing flavor.” That could even include tobacco and menthol flavors.

Vape shops and suppliers would be forced to close if they were unable to sell flavored e-liquid.

The bill passed the Assembly health committee Monday. It will have to pass another committee in each body of the legislature before it would go to Gov. Chris Christie to be signed into law. There is still time to take action, but not much.

The sponsors of the bill are presenting it as a move to protect kids being “targeted” by the evil “nicotine industry.” Assemblyman Herb Conaway said that “going back to the days of ‘Joe Camel,’ we’ve seen how nicotine companies carefully market their products to young, impressionable consumers in the hopes of attracting lifelong customers.”

American Vaping Association president Gregory Conley advises business owners to immediately contact their assembly members and senators to schedule face-to-face meetings. “When it comes to SHUTTING DOWN hundreds of small businesses, many [legislators] will oppose this,” wrote Conley.

“However, they need to hear from you,” he added. “No, not by emails or phone calls (that’s what your customers should be doing). You need to request a face-to-face meeting with your two Assembly members and Senator to explain how either of these bills would destroy your business and leave your employees without jobs.”

Conley says he and Alex Clark of CASAA are willing to help business owners plan effective meetings with their reps. So are the leaders of the New Jersey Vapor Rights Coalition (NJVRC). New Jersey residents can find contact information for their elected officials on the legislature’s website.

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