The exact reason for the firing of US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy is unknown, but we do know he was fired by the Trump administration very recently. We also know Murthy released a report calling for vaping products to be treated the same as tobacco products. The report also stated children and youths were being encouraged to start vaping, and made it clear he was vehemently against it.

That’s despite the fact cigarette usage hit an all-time low of 15% in 2015. Many vapers have said they quit smoking precisely because they were able to switch to vaping. Many have found it far easier to quit with the help of electronic cigarettes – something Murthy and the report seemed to ignore.

Murthy’s deputy, Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams, has replaced him in the role in an acting capacity. But no doubt lots of vapers will be glad he has gone, given his anti-vaping stance. However, some have stated their belief that the report was supported by the anti-vaping head of the CDC, Tom Frieden.

Whether this move has any impact on the possible future of vaping remains to be seen. The previous administration was known to be strict on e-cigs, with the complex registration process for vaping products now passed into law. Whether this will remain in place, we do not know. However, many American vapers must be hoping for a turnaround in the stance against vaping by the Trump administration. It is too early to tell what might happen next, but changes could be afoot. No doubt vapers will be hoping they’ll be changes of a positive nature.

Are you glad Murthy has gone? Do you think he was merely one of several who were against vaping, and the bigger picture may not change? Let us know in the comments below.

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