The Portal tank is actually way better then most of the other Apollo tanks I have tested, with the exception of the Pulsar. It has good airflow, and seems to be delivering a decent amount of vapor and cloudage. Unfortunately the battery is not putting out enough power for my liking.

I am getting the same type of vape that I get on the NEO Endeavor, except with more airflow. It is a very mellow and cool vape. For my taste, it’s just not putting out enough heat, and the flavor is suffering as a result of that. This might be great for a beginner, but it isn’t going to do it for me.

The battery works fine, but 1900 mAh might not get you through a full day of chain vaping at .5 ohms. The output seems to be somewhere around 30W, so you can get a good couple of hours of vaping out of it. I think the best use for this pen would be with the 1.0-ohm coil heads….

Apollo claims that the battery does up to 50 watts but with these 0.5-ohm coils, it’s barely pushing 30.

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