Apollo is a brand that you may not be familiar with yet, although they have actually been making e-cigarettes for a number of years now. Today we are looking at one of their latest creations, which is a rather high end-looking box mod that comes in either a resin or stabwood finish.

I was kind of shocked when I pulled this number out of the box. Apollo, how do you go from making little e-cigs to “high end” box mods? The market is changing, so we can’t blame Apollo for trying to adapt, but I’m curious if they pulled it off. Is this mod really worth the price tag?

If this was a year ago, I would say that $140-$250 is a steal for this type of device, but lately we have been seeing everyone and their mother putting out stabwood box mods for cheaper than ever before. For example the Kanger K1 which is actually $10 cheaper than the resin Apollo.

Nevermind the stabwood Solare, which costs $100 more than the version with a resin-finish.

Prior to that, it would have cost you hundreds of dollars for a high end mod with a DNA chip in it. Today we are seeing those prices drop, but $140-$250 for a 75-watt mod still isn’t exactly cheap. Let’s take a look and find out what is so special about the Apollo Solare box mod…

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