Right away you can see that the Armor is built for flavor with a 22mm diameter, short stature, and the stepped/beveled cap design that reduces the chamber even further. With a finned airflow insert peeking out through the dual adjustable side airflow slots, the RDA very elegant looking. Armor Mods wisely chose to apply their logo to the chamber reducer, leaving the finely machined cap superbly unadorned.

All of this flavor-chasing nirvana does come at a price though, with the Armor RDA retailing at $95, which is not out of line when you consider that a bottom-feed Stumpy, NarDA, Origen Little 16, among others, are all near, or north of 100 bucks.

Armor Mods is also offering some optional accessories, including a black delrin top cap and 510 adapter to allow you to change the look and feel of your Armor RDA

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