The Breeze vapes fairly well and has better flavor and vapor than the iCare. But with chain vaping, I get the occasional toasty-cotton tasting hit, or typical muted flavor. As long as I am NOT chain vaping, though, I haven’t had issues with dry or burnt hits. No issues with hot spitback or popping and one coil lasted me over a week with approximately one refill per day.

The ramp is a bit on the slow side to get to max power with the automatic draw, but that’s pretty much par for the course with these types of devices. However, as I stated before, you can press the button before you start dragging on it to bypass the ramp. In general, once it gets going, the ramp mostly disappears. It’s more noticeable once the coil cools back down.

The draw of the Breeze is a hybrid MTL and direct lung hit. It’s more MTL, but you can go direct-to-lung somewhat easily. Unfortunately, unlike the iCare, there is no airflow adjustment. I wish this feature had been included and updated to make it more user-friendly. You could cover up the plus-sign airflow hole and tighten the draw, but it’s difficult to do that the same way every time. I consider this device to have one type of draw, similar to the iCare with maybe one and a half holes closed off.

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