Before we talk about Beard’s delicious flavor profiles, let’s take a moment to talk about these bottles. Beard Iives up to it’s hilarious name by featuring a bearded fellow, which is their logo. I don’t know why beards are so closely associated with vaping, but they definitely are.

Easily some of the best branding out there, but does Beard live up to all of the hype? It’s time to crack these bottles open and find out once and for all. I used to be hooked on No. 64 for a while, until I crossed over into the dessert realm. It’s been a while, so I wonder how it still holds up.


Fun fact: Beard’s branding was actually inspired by one of its founders’ dad, not RiP Trippers.


Beard e-liquid goes for $19.99 for a 30mL bottle at Vapor4Life. It is available in 0, 3, 6 and 12mg nicotine strengths.

Our setup

Today I am using the Twisted Messes on top of the Vaporesso Nebula at about 50W, with a basic 5-wrap kanthal build which is ohming out to about .2Ω.


My beard is also ohming out to around .2Ω right now. I let it grow out nice and long just for this review. (Now that’s dedication.)

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