The V2 Pro line challenges the “jack of all trades, master of nothing” theory. For a weed vape, it vaporizes dry herb truly and efficiently, unlike many other cannabis vaporizer pens.

The Series 3, not only has the ability to hang with real vaporizers but it is super portable. We did review a couple other great marijuana vape pens, however the V2 Series 3 is by far the smallest in size! It literally looks just like a regular eGo pen, which makes it extremely stealthy.

Many people are highly sceptical of 3-in-1 anything, even shampoo, and chances are that you are too. The V2 delivers the goods. The chamber is small, but it vapes every bit of herb, without any combustion, whilst creating some good flavor.

Note: V2 Pro also makes a Series 7 device, which is not actually a marijuana pen, but still worth mentioning. It has all the 3-in-1 functionality of the Series 3, with increased battery life and performance compared to its little brother.

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