Hookah – also known as shisha – has become a trend in the United States only in the last decade or so, yet its origins date back to the 18th century. Hookahs use a water filtration system which helps to reduce toxins from the tobacco smoke, that’s burned with charcoal and inhaled through a hose.

Technically speaking, hookah/shisha was one of the earliest forms of tobacco harm reduction. Since hookah produces considerably bigger clouds, hookah smokers are the first cloud chasers.

Vaping is the most advanced form of harm reduction available, so it’s only logical for fans of hookah to naturally gravitate towards the vape life. E-hookahs come in many shapes, sizes Although some hookah pens contain nicotine, many of them are available nicotine-free.

Shisha pens provide a similar experience to that of a regular hookah, minus the tobacco, tar and charcoal. They also provide more options in terms of flavors, since they utilize e-liquid made for e-cigarettes and other vaping devices. Shisha pens are the natural evolution of the hookah…

One type of hookah vape looks just like a disposable e-cigarette, except that it might have a fancy, colorful design. Other than that, they work exactly the same way, provide a decent little puff of vapor. Most disposable shisha pens come with a built-in battery good for about 500 puffs.

Hookah vapes aka shisha pens are similar to what we would categorize as cigalikes, like the Blu and Logic. These are vapor products that look and feel like cigarettes, except they produce no smoke, only vapor. Unlike typical e-cigs, shisha pens also offer a variety of fun flavor options.

If you are familiar with vape pens, than you already know what a refillable hookah pen is. They are virtually identical, the major difference is how they are marketed. Former cigarette smokers might call the same thing a vape pen, while hookah fans may end up calling them e-hookahs.

You will notice a lot of shisha pens are simply just re-branded vapor products that appeal to hookah smokers. Like the disposables, electronic hookah pens may or may not contain nicotine, depending on the type of e-juice you decide to put in it. These devices are also rechargeable.

Some E-hookahs are a little bit more advanced than your average vape pen. These devices are all-in-one units that include everything you need to get puffing. Some of these e-hookahs connect to your regular hookah, while others are shaped like a hose, and work independently.

All-in-one e-hookahs include a built-in battery, and some type of atomizer that will vaporize your e-liquid. They utilize a similar technology to e-cigarettes but are distinguished by their form factor. E-hookahs are an excellent way of introducing vaping to a larger audience of people.

E-hookahs that connect to a regular hookah pipe are especially great for helping smokers make that transition. They still get to use their favorite flavors, and even the same waterpipe, only without the mess of charcoal, and the threat of inhaling harmful toxins such as tar.

The best part about e-hookah, is not having to worry about your charcoal burning out anymore!

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