Originally, pod vapes were designed to use pre-filled vape cartridges, known as vape pods. These pre-filled pods typically contain a special type of nicotine called “nic salt”. They deliver a powerful throat hit, and quickly satisfy your tobacco cravings. There are no coils to install, or juice to fill. This makes switching flavors super easy to do, without the mess. Pod vapes are the easiest way to start vaping.

At some point, there was a demand for more variety of flavors. Naturally, the industry met this demand with refillable pod mods. These devices work the same way, but allow the user to refill using the juice of their choice. We do not recommend using high VG e-juice with pod vapes, but a 50/50 VG/PG blend with higher nic (6 mg and up) will work just fine. Today we have many companies that are starting to make their own lines of nic salt based e-liquids which work excellent with pod mods.

Pod mod vapes are ideal for stealth vaping. They don’t put out as much vapor as a box mod, although you might be surprised by their performance. Some of these devices can chuck a pretty mean cloud. Most experienced vapers own a pod vape as a companion to their regular setup.

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