This portable vaporizer holds the most dry herb, up to .8 grams of cannabis.

You might skip right past this one since it looks just like many other portable weed vaporizers you have seen under different names. This design has been “borrowed” quite a few times before because it seems to work better than most, but Mig Vapor made some tweaks of their own by adding a huge .8 gram dry herb chamber and an option for wax concentrates.

Put it this way, if you want a real vaporizer that is portable and just works, then go for it. The Matrix performs the way you would expect from a good portable. Nice draw, great flavor and vapor production with the ability to dial in your exact temperature. The unit itself is extremely lightweight, durable and a battery life that can vaporize a ton of herb before it dies.

For the price, this is clearly one of the best options on the market today. The Matrix has all of the features that you can want from a portable vape in this price range, and then some.

Mig Vapor is a nice company to deal with because they stand behind all of their products with a 90-day-warranty. Enter the Matrix in style with this marijuana and concentrate vaporizer!

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