The Goon is the RDA the builders have been waiting for.  With a two-terminal clamp-style build deck and a 24 mm diameter, this atomizer will take any build you throw at it.  On top of that, the plates and terminals are all gold-plated which significantly increases conductivity.

The quality of the Goon far exceeds the price, it stands up to some of the $100+ atomizers on the market with its fantastic build quality.  The airflow is very versatile and allows for a wide-range of draws.  Due to the size of the chamber, this atomizer is better suited for high power builds and exotic wire builds, hence the intermediate to advanced recommendation (though beginners could easily use this RDA, it’s best suited for those with experience in building).

If you’re looking for an atomizer that allows a lot of creative freedom for builds, look no further, the Goon is the atomizer for you.  The Goon comes in SS, brass, copper and black.  The Goon is easily one of our top picks for build quality, versatility, performance, and price!

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