The origins of bottom feed mods date back to 2009. The person most often credited with creating the first commercially available squonker is “Carlos49”, at the time a member of the E-Cigarette Forum (ECF). His creation, the JuiceBox, featured an integrated atomizer.

The JuiceBox never achieved commercial success due to the inability to service the integrated atomizer without sending it back to the modder coupled, and because of an inability to fulfill orders.

The JuiceBox did, however, serve as the inspiration for what is likely the most popular and successful squonker of all time: The REO, created by Robert O’Neil, another ECF member. The REO is widely considered the gold standard in bottom feed mods and has introduced thousands of vapers to the joys of squonking.

Rob introduced his first REOs to the world in early 2010 and has continued developing new models up to the recent REO P67, introduced earlier this year. The REO eschewed an integrated atomizer in favor of external atomizers such as 306/801/901 cartomizers and 510 atomizers.

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