Flavor baby! Everyone knows ceramic chambers deliver some of the best flavor you can get on a portable vape. (If you didn’t know that, then you probably haven’t been reading our reviews.) The flavor I’m getting off this badboy is very nice and is comparable to the Cloud V Diamond vaporizer.

The Black Mamba also uses a glass mouthpiece which like ceramic, is very conducive to flavor.

You really need to pack this thing. The difference is day and night. Since this is a conduction vape, it will not put out dense vapor if you underpack it. My first session was a little bit of a letdown, but once I stopped being cheap with my flowers, I was getting good performance out of the Mamba.

The vapor production is decent, especially when you crank it up all the way. The issue then is that the vapor will get a bit harsh and the flavor will diminish. I’d recommend using the Black Mamba on the middle heat settings, to achieve a good balance between flavor and vapor production.

The battery life is not quite as good as the Black Widow, but you still get three or four 15-minute sessions out of a full charge, depending on which heat setting you are using. Obviously more heat is gonna use more power. The Black Mamba’s internal battery is rated 1600mAh, not too shabby.

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