On the lower temperatures, I wasn’t getting a satisfying amount of cloudage, and the flavor was just alright. On the higher settings, the Mamba started putting out some decent vapor. The flavor from the ceramic chamber is great, a feature you won’t even find on the latest PAX vaporizer.

The battery life is pretty impressive, with its internal battery rated at 2200mah, you can get a bunch of sessions before having to charge it again. For the price, you are getting all of the most important features that make an herbal vaporizer good, plus the option for using concentrates.

The one-button interface on the Black Widow is easy to use. There is really only two options, to turn on and off, press the button five times and to change heat settings, hold it for three seconds. One last thing I want to note is that the power button has a nice clicky feel to it.

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