Bradford Council is being encouraged to be friendlier towards vapers and to relax its current strict rules around the habit. Simon Cooke, who leads the Conservative Group on the council, has asked those in charge to consider reverting the current ban it has in place on vaping.

Research has recently been published by the Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England. The research has reached the conclusion that vaping is some 95% safer than smoking, if not more so. Furthermore, those who do not smoke or vape are not put at risk by being near someone who is vaping. This is not the case with regard to being near smokers.

Mr Cooke pointed out that thousands of people in Bradford have turned to vaping as a way to help them quit smoking. By banning vaping, the council is making it more difficult for those who wish to stop smoking to switch to vaping, since that has bans associated with it as well.

The good news is a spokesman said the council is reviewing its HR policy with regard to the ban on e-cigarette use among staff while at work. So perhaps they are listening, and we may soon report on the council getting rid of the current ban on vaping on council premises of all kinds.

Ironically, the council does have a stop smoking service that does support the use of vaping as an alternative to cigarettes. It is strange then that the council should ban vaping on their premises as well. Perhaps the publication of this new research from two high-profile organisations could be the tipping point that leads to abolition of the ban. Vapers throughout Bradford will no doubt be watching and waiting with interest to see what happens – as will we.

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