Electronic cigarettes are still in their infancy when compared to cigarettes. However, many already have confidence in the e-cigarette’s relative safety compared with smoking.

Now, Cancer Research UK has responded to the evidence produced thus far and supported the use of e-cigs to help people quit smoking. Since smoking has long since been known to cause various cancers (of which lung cancer is only one), it makes sense the charity would support any method that helps people quit.

An infographic on their website shows tobacco is the biggest cause of preventable deaths in this country. Additionally, it points out the ever-growing body of evidence that vaping is helping lots of people quit, where before those same people may have struggled or failed to do so.

Scientists funded by the charity have also revealed those who convert to vaping as a complete alternative to smoking had far less cancer-causing substances in their bodies following the switch. While nicotine is present in e-cigarettes, the tobacco and its cancer-causing substances are not. A switch to vaping means more people could potentially avoid getting cancer in the future, or suffering from any of the other diseases commonly associated with tobacco smoking.

Cancer Research UK is using a balanced approach to the topic. They support the use of vaping as a method to help people give up smoking permanently. However, they point out the importance of ensuring vaping is not glamorised. They do not want the children of today trying vaping products and then being persuaded to switch to smoking in the future. There is little evidence of this occurring, but it’s understandable the charity would wish to err on the side of caution.

It’s an interesting and supportive stance, though, and one we support. What are your views?

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