Bolton Stop Smoking Service to be Scaled Down

If you live in Bolton and you are thinking of using their Stop Smoking Service this month, think again. News reports indicate the Bolton NHS Foundation...

Nicotine as Therapy for Late-Life Depression?

While some people suffer from depression throughout their lives, some are not affected by it until they are over the age of about 60. In this...

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Fumytech Rose MTL RTA preview | Key-features and first impressions

The Rose MTL sports the telltale signs of an MTL tank: single-coil deck optimized for high-res builds, reduced chamber, tiny and adjustable (dual)...

Lemo 2 By Eleaf Review

[youtube] Lemo 2 by Eleaf review. I forgot to mention that this tank cost me £29. Save Vaping - source

Vapers: stay away from Thailand

Recent arrests have again shown that Thailand is serious about its ban on vaping products. The Southeast Asian country prohibits sales and importation...