Goblin Mini RTA Review

[youtube] Goblin Mini RTA Review. This product was sent to me for the purposes of review from Link to Gearbest website - Link to ... source

Vape Capitol Buildlapse – 5 wrap 21/22g Parallel on a 2.5 mm Bit

[youtube] Greg 8ohm5 came down to Vape Capitol to build a 21/22g 5 Wrap Parallel on a 2.5mm bit for our Buildlapse segment! Check it out! Music by Matt...

UWELL RAFALE TANK – Vapemix Reviews

[youtube] A quick review of the UWELL Rafale Tank. I do not cover the RBA section which you can buy separately. source

Vape Innovators – Jess Marie

[youtube] Vape Innovator, Jess Marie from Double Helix Designs Changing how people can customize their drip tips! Check out The Mad Carpenter's product at Cuttwood ... source

O RangZ Juice by Twelve Monkeys – Review

[youtube] This juice was sent to me by VapeClub. Link to product ... source

VAPECON 2014 Recap – Ontario, CA

[youtube] Vape Capitol presents VAPECON 2014 in Ontario, CA - FULL HD Check out all that went down at VAPECON in Ontario including all the hottest Mod's, RDA's, ... source

Velocity RDA Clone by Tobeco

[youtube] Velocity RDA Clone by Tobeco. source

Vape Shop Spotlight – The Vintage Vape in Anahiem, CA

[youtube] Vape Capitol brings you to The Vintage Vape City in the city of Anahiem, CA for this amazing Shop Spotlight! Cuttwood - SUBSCRIBE ... source


[youtube] A Review of the Freemax Scylla tank. source

VC Cloud Championships – Vapour Lounge – Tricks

[youtube] Stop 13 of the Vape Capitol Cloud Championships Best Trick Competition at Vapour Lounge in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. source

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