Cloud Chasers & Vape Trick Compilation 2016

[youtube] Cloud Chasers & Vape Trick Compilation 2016 Please Like, Share or Comment ! And don't forget to subscribe my channel to help us reach to 50.000 Subscribe ... source


[youtube] This is a quick look at a UK eliquid subscription based company who ship worldwide. Link to website - source

SMOK XPRO M80 PLUS Quickish Look

[youtube] A quick(ish) look at the new SMOK xpro M80 Plus. source

Best SMOKE Trick Vines Compilation 2014 #2

[youtube] Best SMOKE Trick Vines Compilation 2014 #2 Subscribe for more video : Thanks for all your support! Rating the video and leaving a ... source

Cloud Chasers – Danny Lolo

[youtube] Vape Capitol Original Segment Cloud Chasers goes behind the Cloud and gives a glimpse into the World of the Best Competition Cloud Blowers and Trickers in ... source

Buildlapse with Twisted Messes – 4x 28g Twisted Dual Coil

[youtube] Vape Capitol welcomes Twisted Messes into the studio as he covers each and every step on how to build a perfect twisted 4x 28g dual coil. source

World’s Best Vape Trickers Compilation || Vape Capitol

[youtube] The world's best vape trickers come to Vape Capitol to document the evolution of vape tricks. Check it out! Presented by Cuttwood ... source

VC BuildLapse – 22G QUAD COIL

[youtube] David from Beyond Vape in Downey builds a 22 Gauge Quad Coil Vertical 6 Wraps 1/8th bit on a Dark Horse RDA + Zombi Mod. source

Silo Beast By Beyond Vape Review

[youtube] Silo Beast By Beyond Vape Review. Image by Beyond Vape source

Michael Mod By ASVAPE Vapemix Reviews

[youtube] A review of the Michael Mod by Asvape. Ecigone - source

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The European Union Rejects a Vape Tax…For Now

The European Union will not tax vapor products — at least, not for now. However, the issue will be revisited next year. The...

OVNS Saber Review | A Good Vape… Sometimes

I didn’t experience any misfires, leaking or gurgling with the Saber. The issue I had was that the pods don’t seem to last...