VC Vape Tricks – How To Bend O’s

[youtube] Byron " A_Kidz" shows some of the techniques he uses while doing vape tricks. In this episode he covers how to Bend O's. ... source

Smoke Trick Compilation Of November 2015 – Vape Tricks Vine Part 2

[youtube] Smoke Tricks Vine Compilation Of November 2015 Part 2 Lets try and hit 100k Views & help me reach to 50.000 subscribers : Please leave ... source

Cloud Chasers – Danny Lolo

[youtube] Vape Capitol Original Segment Cloud Chasers goes behind the Cloud and gives a glimpse into the World of the Best Competition Cloud Blowers and Trickers in ... source

World’s Best Vape Tricks Compilation Of November 2016 Week 3 | Easy Vape Tricks...

[youtube] Brand new weekly compilation of vape tricks - November 20106 . Featuring mnuofficial, tardasskittytit , leo.dkla, ___justpeachyy , ben_rosaa , jake.coons, ... source

Simple Vape Tricks Everyone Should Know

[youtube] A famous vapor can use many different vape tricks . But they have to do the same tricks when be a beginner . 5 Simple vape tricks you...

Aromamizer Supreme V2 By Steamcrave – Vapemix Reviews

[youtube] A review of the Aromamizer Supreme V2 by Steamcrave. Links Steamcrave website - Aromamizer Supreme V2 ... source

VC BuildLapse – Turbo Coil 2220 Gauge Hotwires (Comp Build)

[youtube] Jay from Team Hotwires builds a Turbo Coil using 22 Gauge Nuke and 20 Gauge KMA. 20G delivers dense vapor while the 22G heats up more rapidly to...

Tropika Juice by Twelve Monkeys – Review

[youtube] Tropika Juice by Twelve Monkeys - Review In the review i mention the juice is made in the States, apparently it is made in Canada. my apologies. This...

BuildLapse – OHMBOYOC – 24G Parallel 7/8 Wrap (Stacked 26650 at 450 WATTS!)

[youtube] OhmBoyOC from Local Vape and Anarchist builds a 24 Gauge Parallel 10 Wrap build on the BFM Mod with Stacked 26650 Batteries coming out to 450 Watts ... source

Vape Tricks Compilation #1 : a_kidz vs pvrkerr

[youtube] Vape Tricks Compilation #1 : a_kidz vs pvrkerr Lets try and hit 100.000 Views help us reach to 100.000 subscribers : . Please Like & Share. source

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