Vape Shop Spotlight – Vape It Up Huntington Beach

[youtube] Vape Capitol brings you to Vape It Up in Huntington Beach for this week's Vape Shop Spotlight! Vape It Up: 126 Main St Suite 103 Huntington Beach, California...

Convention Coverage – NPX in New York

[youtube] Check out what went down at VPX in New York! presented by Cuttwood source

Vape Tricks : October 2016 ( The Montage of vape trick)

[youtube] New vape tricks compilation from Vine TV of Octorber 2016! Featuring lilvgod , g_vapes, bri_natho, drewdrips , twistedlyon , vaustinl ,senan_byrne and more! source

Buildlapse – 21g 5 Wrap Spread

[youtube] Menace came down to Vape Capitol to build a 21g 5 Wrap Spread for our Buildlapse segment! Check it out! Music by Matt Casket ... source

The Troll RDA by Wotofo

[youtube] A quick review of the Troll RDA by Wotofo. I forgot to mention in the video that this RDA does not come with a drip tip. source

Shame on you True Detective

[youtube] This video is a mini rant about True Detective (TV Show) and their clear bashing of E-cigarettes. source


[youtube] ELEMENT ELIQUID Strawberry Whip Review This juice was sent to me by VapeClub. ... source

VC Cloud Championships – Vape Aura – Tricks

[youtube] Stop 16 of the Vape Capitol Cloud Championships Best Trick Competition at Vape Aura in San Diego, CA Music by Matt Casket source

Cloud Chasers – Anthony Murray

[youtube] Vape Capitol Original Segment Anthony Murray goes Behind the Cloud and gives a glimpse into the World of the Best Competition Cloud Blowers and Trickers ... source

Mrs B’s Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review

[youtube] Mrs B's Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review This juice was sent to me by VapeClub. Image by Mrs B's Eliquid Company ... source

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