Vape Shop Spotlight – VaporLand in Long Beach

[youtube] Vape Capitol brings you to VaporLand in Long Beach for this week's Vape Shop Spotlight! VaporLand: 6340 East Spring Street, Long Beach, CA 90815 (562) ... source

Cloud Chasers – Pistol Pete

[youtube] Vape Capitol Original Segment Cloud Chasers Pistol Pete goes behind the Cloud and gives a glimpse into the World of the Best Competition Cloud Blowers and ... source

Petri RTA Clone By SXK – Vapemix Reviews

[youtube] A quick review of the Petri RTA Clone by SXK link to product - source

5 Easy Vape Tricks Anyone Can Do | Vine TV

[youtube] Are you starting out as a beginner of vape tricks . Here are 5 easy Vape trick that you can use to astound friends . ▻Credit : Brand...

Vape Tricks Compilation of December 2016 Week 2

[youtube] Brand new weekly compilation of vape tricks - December 20106 Week 2 .Featuring :ijayfm , ben_rosaa , jake.coons , snoball_vapes_duvo , k_shitohm , _vjun ... source

Vape Shop Spotlight – Vaping Industries in Costa Mesa

[youtube] Vape Capitol brings you to Vaping Industries in Costa Mesa for this week's Vape Shop Spotlight! Vaping Industries: 333 E 17th St #21a, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 ... source

Vape Shop Spotlight – The Vintage Vape in Anahiem, CA

[youtube] Vape Capitol brings you to The Vintage Vape City in the city of Anahiem, CA for this amazing Shop Spotlight! Cuttwood - SUBSCRIBE ... source

World’s Best Vape Tricksters 2016 | Official Vape Tricks

[youtube] Promotional Products : "Original IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus" were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this Sponsored by Gearbest : ... source

VC Cloud Championship – Interstate Vape – Tricks

[youtube] Stop 4 of the Vape Capitol Cloud Championships Men and Women's Trick Contest at Interstate Vape in Woodland Hills, CA. source

VC Vape Tricks – How to Sharp Shoot O’s

[youtube] Byron " A_Kidz" shows some of the techniques he uses while doing vape tricks. In this episode he covers how to Sharp Shoot. ... source

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