I built the deck with three single-wire 26-gauge kanthal coils. As with the RDA, I test-fit one coil in the deck and carefully trimmed the legs until the coil sat just a bit above the posts. In this case 4-4.5 mm is about right. Remember, if the coils touch the chimney you have a direct short, so I wanted to keep the coils as low as possible.

I installed the the three coils and wicked with organic cotton. When I wicked the coils, I made sure the tails just entered the juice wells. I didn’t pack the cotton in there, or leave any open space to allow the juice to flow directly into the deck.

After wicking, I painted the coils, assembled the tank and checked on my ohm meter – the resistance was 0.32Ω (no short), so I filled the tank.

This is the part of the review that I don’t like: trying to quantify vapor density and flavor and describe it in text. I ended up vaping for a short while at 35 W, which was fine for the three single-wire coils, and got very good vapor and flavor. (See?) The vapor was dense with a hint of warmth, and I didn’t get any dry hits or spitting. I like this build – even with three coils it won’t tax my single-battery mod at 35W, and I expect to get decent battery life. It’s a win for me…I thought.

I sat the mod down and walked away for a couple hours. Upon returning, I saw that the Azeroth had unloaded juice all over my mod. Damn it.

Problem? The tank was not tight. The deck was, but the top ring under the cap was more than a half turn loose. I tightened it, refilled, and put the tank on an atty stand overnight. Happily, I had no leaks and vaped another full tank without any problem.

The last thing I did was swap the triple-coil deck with the velocity-style deck. I’m happy for two reasons: I can swap the decks without emptying the tank, and I don’t have to disturb my triple-coil build. Sweet.

With a dual coil clapton build at 0.4Ω, wicked with organic cotton, the Azeroth performed perfectly. I did my job this time and had no spitting or dry hits, and most importantly… NO LEAKS!

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