As I was hoping, like the Hexohm, the MAGE BOX Tricker kit is a beast. I might argue more beastly at 250 watts.

The MAGE RDA works really well, and gave me great flavor and a lot of dense vapor, just keep in mind that the MAGE BOX will only accept atomizers up to 24.5 mm with no overhang. I’ll probably stick with the MAGE RDA and can live with that, but can you?

Some minor negatives for me are the logos and tiny grub screws. I don’t mind the round CoilART logo on the one panel but the other panel with the howling wolf is a bit over the top for my taste. And the mirrored screen is going to be a potential issue for the OCD crew. I got enough condensation out of the MAGE RDA that the panel was a juicy, fingerprinted mess. I’m thinking that scratches will also really stand out.

Ultimately though, for anyone looking for a no-frills, high-wattage mod that kicks some serious butt, this kit feels like a steal compared to my beloved Hexohms, even at full retail. It’s not perfect but, after using it, I find that the performance far outweighs the other stuff.

Looks like the MAGE BOX Kit will be fogging up my den for a good long while…well at least until my “little red riding hood” tells me to knock it off and take out the trash.

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