Strawberry cream and unicorns have become a staple in the vape world and Unicorn Milk is just a no-brainer. If you like berries and cream, then you are going to love this one. The strawberry is just sweet enough and the cream is smooth. Definitely an all day vape for strawberry lovers.

This flavor is Cuttwood’s take on berry cream, I like to think of it as their take on Mother’s Milk, which is one of the best selling juices of all time.

Mr. Fritter happens to be my personal favorite of the bunch. It’s supposed to be an apple fritter and I’m tasting fresh, sweet apple pastry with a touch of cinnamon. It is fruity, and yet a dessert vape at the same time, so you get the best of both worlds. Very well done, Mr Fritter, sir.

Mr. Fritter is one of Cuttwood’s most recent additions and it is what you would expect from a company like them. The flavor is very light and smooth, and the cinnamon gives it a spiciness, but it is not too overbearing. You also taste the flaky, pastry crust which compliments the mix.

This one is very similar to Mr Fritter, save for the apple, but it has its own thing going on too. Sugar Drizzle has a buttery cinnamon bakery taste, similar to a churro or cinnamon roll, very reminiscent of Beard #32 with less cinnamon. It still has that fresh yet spicy, buttery goodness.

There is also a milky element to this e-liquid. I have been enjoying this one a lot recently, if you dipped a churro in milk, then that would taste just like this juice. One of my favorites in their line.

Note: Sugar Drizzle was originally called Sugar Bear. We are not sugar why they changed it.

Bird Brains is Cuttwood’s take on fruity cereal, and they nailed it. I’m not much of a cereal vaper but if you are, then you gotta try this one! Bird Brains has the right blend of sweetness, fruitiness and milkiness to achieve all day vape status. If you enjoy Fruit Loops, you’ll love Bird Brains.

I love the name of this e-liquid but I’m not sure what it has to do with cereal. I’m sure it’s some kind of Toucan Sam reference because this tastes like Fruit Loops, Trix, Fruity Pebbles etc…. You get the point. If you like cereal vapes, that are heavier on the cereal then the milk, this is it.

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