First off, you’ll notice that it’s impressively small, putting it firmly in the portable vaporizer bracket. But it also has a substantial weight, giving a feeling of quality. If you’re going for ultimate stealth, this item can easily be disguised in the palm of your hand, making it much more discrete than its rivals in the portable vaporizer world. As the name would suggest, it’s a superbly-designed product and feels solid and sturdy as well as appealing to the eye. The finish is pleasing to the touch, and the elements made from zirconia ceramic have a futuristic, ultra-smooth sensation. Everything fits together neatly and with top-class precision. This is not a cheap piece of kit, rushed out to market, far from it.

It arrives in a large wooden box, full of hay. This contains the DaVinci IQ box itself, along with a bunch of useful accessories, including smart-looking items such as a glass jar and metal carry can. The IQ itself is about the size of a mobile phone, and uses LEDs rather than a digital display. Usually, this would be off-putting as I prefer to see facts and figures, but the DaVinci’s unique LED system is a pleasure to gaze upon.

The instructions are clear and concise, ideal for beginners. Many vaporizers make the mistake of assuming their customers are well-versed in how vaporizers function but happily, the manual included with the DaVinci IQ spells everything out in simple, easy to understand terminology. It uses three buttons to switch between various modes, pressed in combination. Don’t worry, they’re simple and easy to remember. The LED light grid quickly shows which mode you’re in. It also employs haptic feedback, meaning it vibrates to inform you of certain functions. Again, this isn’t necessary but it adds to the overall experience, confirming that it is a high-class item.

The extra features push it into a league of its own. Key among these is the zirconia pearl that seals the chamber. Zirconia is a material much more resilient and heat-resistant than the more commonly-used ceramic, and it makes all the difference. 360 degree conduction heating ensures all the herb is heated evenly, reducing the likelihood of hot spots and making for a far more efficient heat technique. The loading zone is funneled, making it remarkably easy to pack with your herb of choice.

It comes with a smartphone app that can replace these buttons if you desire. It’s worth exploring this app as it allows you to adjust the built-in heat profiles to your specific tastes. If you like to get down and dirty with the inner workings of your kit, this will prove ideal.

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