The study itself may have a long title (‘Comparative tumour promotion assessment of e-cigarette and cigarettes using the in vitro Bhas 42 cell transformation assay), but the conclusions it came to were very clear indeed. Conducted by BioReliance, the study found the emissions from cigarettes contained ingredients that promoted the development of cancer. Meanwhile, e-cigarette vapour that was tested in the exact same way did not produce these same ingredients.

Many e-cig users will see this as vindication that switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes was a smart choice, and one that has significant and beneficial effects on their health. The main author of the study, Dr Damien Breheny, said this was the “first time this particular test, the Bhas 42 assay, has been used to compare tobacco and nicotine products.”

Just one of many planned tests

British American Tobacco provided the funding for the study. According to reports, there will be other tests too, but the main thing to remember is that vaping has yet again been found to be much safer than smoking.

This should come as no surprise, as lots of studies have already been performed that have proven this to be the case. While the UK has a relatively relaxed stance to vaping, other countries have been anything but relaxed about the use of electronic cigarettes. All too often, they are treated as being akin to real cigarettes, when this is not true.

What are your opinions on this new study? Have you managed to give up smoking since switching to vaping? Are you glad you made the change? Do you wish the laws surrounding vaping were more relaxed than they are here? Do you see the smoking population getting ever smaller as more people make the switch to the healthier alternative?

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