August 8 is Deeming Day. It’s when the FDA asserts its authority to treat e-cigarettes and vapor as tobacco products (along with pipe and hookah tobacco, cigars, nicotine gels and some dissolvables). It might be the beginning of the (legal) end — if our legal and legislative efforts all fail — but it’s just the beginning. There will be additional rules to follow. FDA Center for Tobacco Products chief Mitch Zeller is fond of saying that the deeming regs are “foundational.”

Since there are so many misconceptions about the deeming regulations, and exactly what happens when, perhaps a step-by-step rundown is in order. We took the best FDA deeming document, and separated the events into a chronological format that makes it all a little clearer. Now you can be an expert on the regulations every vaper in the US is talking about.

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