Desire Vape has jumped right into the competitive high-powered box mod sweepstakes with the release of the X-Mod 200W Box Mod.

Its chunky form factor is instantly recognizable and includes a notable “X” theme that has been repeated in various forms throughout the design. Obvious examples of this include a prominent “X” engraving that is visible on one side of the main body as well various “X-like” indents seen across the main body. The result is a visually striking, X-shaped box mod that features strong lines and gentle curves, and looks to be relatively ergonomic. The mod also features adjustable LED lights on the front panel which add to its overall flashiness.

Aside from the aesthetics, functional features include native support for most heating elements, a variety of operating modes, and a top power output of 200 watts. A recessed OLED screen provides relevant operational readouts for the vaper, and the large angled firing button appears to be positioned at trigger-finger level for optimal usability.

The mod is powered by dual 18650 cells, and controlled by a precision chipset. Users can expect a quality device with all the bells and whistles like we have become accustomed to. But with a price tag that fluctuates between $36.99 and $159.99, it seems that even vape retailers cannot agree on its true worth.

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