Hello, Turkish vaper here. Today the biggest E-cig community in Turkey, E-sigara Forum has been blocked by the government. People who aren’t using VPN or DNS encounter a formal notice page from the government which says this website has been blocked because it has violated some rules which are:

  • Encouragement of devices which can be hazardous for health
  • Trading of illegal devices.

So yeah, Turkey is one of the biggest cigarette consuming countries in the World (hence the term “smoking like a Turk”) and E-cigs were getting popular real fast for 3 years. Guess the Government was feeling disturbed by this because they couldn’t get taxes and they didn’t wanted smokers to quit stinkies because they gain tons of revenue from tobacco and alcohol.

Just a small rant.

This is the website (Turkish): http://www.esigara.us/

Thank goodness admins and mods of the website is encouraging users to use VPN so they can access the website. But this is still pretty frustrating.

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