The deck of the Digiflavor Riptrippers Pharaoh RTA is its most interesting aspect. Coils are placed from the center of the tank, with the leads going out. This reminded me a bit of the excellent NoName Mods NoPity RDA. Additionally, there are some features that should make building more convenient. The deck uses spring-loaded plates to secure wire. For wicking and e-liquid refilling, the deck has a rotating slip-plate; you open to refill or place wicks and close it up after refilling or to secure wicks. While I have no first-hand experience with the deck, it should theoretically be easy to work with.

Airflow options on the Pharaoh Tank are also abundant. The atomizer has triple airflow slots. It can be run with one, two, or three slots open. Air goes from the slots to the center of the atomizer, ensuring even airflow.

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