Based off of the product photos I received, the deck of the Billow RTA v3 is quite intriguing. It has Velocity-style posts for easy building, accompanied by a fascinating center airflow post. I saw a similar center post on the Vaporesso Gemini (excellently reviewed by Vaping360’s Bill Herbst) in mid-March and love the idea of it. Between the bottom airflow and the center-post airflow, there should be all kinds of interesting airflow possibilities with this atomizer.

The Billow RTA v3 also has convenient features that should be mandatory on a 2016 RTA — juice-flow control and top refilling. After getting accustomed to these features in both sub-ohm tanks and RTAs, I can’t imagine picking up a new atomizer without them. (Though to be fair, I’d vape on a 2013 Kanger atomizer if it got me a date with Scarlett Johansson. Hell, I’d go back to carto-tanks.)

Aesthetically, I’m mostly digging the looks of the Billow RTA v3. It has a relatively clean design, free of disgusting knurling. The logo is too big for my tastes and crosses the line into gaudy territory. While I’m partial to black tanks these days, the logo on the black model is too loud, making me prefer the looks of the stainless steel mode. As always, looks are completely subjective.

Overall, the Billow RTA v3 appears to be a product worth keeping an eye on. Its forerunners were lauded for quality performance and reasonable build quality (for the price). The deck of the third version looks great and will hopefully lead to Ehpro’s best RTA to date. I’m mildly excited for the Billow RTA v3, how about you? Kindly share your thoughts on the atomizer in the comments section.

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