The Eleaf Pico Dual 200W TC sports dual 18650 battery capacity, while still staying true to its namesake in the classic Eleaf fashion. As the name suggests, The Pico Dual is a temperature control device capable of 200 watts. It’s got a max amperage of a whopping 50A. It supports all of your TC modes from SS to Ni to Ti, with memory settings to boot.

Battery instillation is through the bottom hinged battery door, complete with vent holes. The Pico Dual uses a series battery connection with clear positive and negative indicators. Looking at the mod, you might scratch your head looking for the menu selection / toggle buttons. Hint: they’re located on the bottom (just like the OG Pico). The buttons are recessed, so there’s little worry of accidentally hitting one while placing it down.

So far what we’ve got here are some tried and true elements, mixed with a splash of Eleaf style. But here’s where it gets a bit more interesting. The Pico Dual includes a nifty 510 USB adapter. What is this for? Well, it allows the device to function as a power bank. So if your cell phone is drained or if your friend’s mod is petering out, just whip out that little piece of hardware and get charging. One thing that does seem weird is that you do have to poke around in the menu a bit before you start supplying power. It’s not like it’s the 30-life code for Contra, but it’s also not a plug-and-go type of system.

The charge ports of the Pico Dual are side-mounted, which is also where you get your data updates. With the included 1.5A charge/data cable, you’re charging faster than most mods out there, though Eleaf recommends using an external charger for optimal speed.

The device fires down to 0.1 ohms in power mode and 0.05 in TC mode- not too shabby! For those wondering about the exact dimensions, its 46mm deep, 44mm wide, and 75mm tall.

So what about that signature Eleaf “top block”? While it allows the mod to maintain a short stature, in my opinion it’s a bit of a bummer that they didn’t allow for the mod to be capable of handling 24-25mm tanks without overhang. There is always a trade off! But, it’s still got plenty of upside, so to speak.

The device also supports the new Power Curve adjustment feature. Hate the ramp up time involved with today’s super beefy coils? Program a power curve and you’re off to the races in no time.

My impressions of this mod boils down to a feature-rich device with power for days, all in a compact form factor. It may not accommodate large tanks, but when you bear in mind a main goal of this mod, I don’t necessarily count that against it.

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