From a superficial standpoint, some vapers that see the names DNA 200 and DNA 75 will erroneously assume that the latter is worse. Some will wonder why Evolv followed a groundbreaking chip with a less powerful model. While the DNA 75 doesn’t have as high an output as the older chip, it’s less expensive and capable of providing power that will satisfy most vapers.

Even though it’s less expensive, the chip is extremely versatile. As Ward emphasized, it’s EScribe compatible. The software can be used to update firmware, tweak battery settings, set temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) values, customize a mod’s homescreen, set up profiles for different atomizers, and more. While the chip is powerful and versatile on its own, EScribe takes its functionality to another level. It’s fantastic that the DNA75 gives vapers this level of power at a lower price.

Vaping360’s guide to EScribe

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