Aunt EM, It’s a Twister!

According to the manufacturer, the iJoy Tornado can handle up to 300 watts. While I can’t imagine a human enjoyably vaping at that wattage, it’s interesting to see a vaping company push the envelope. Similar to the tech industry, vaping is a spec-heavy business. I’m sure some vaper will try the iJoy Tornado at 300 watts and I’m fairly certain he or she will get it to work. While it’s excessive, the point is that this RTA can handle power that most its competitors can’t touch, if the rating is accurate.

(On a side note, how fun would it be to watch iJoy employees testing the wattage limits of the company’s products? I feel bad for the poor sap that vaped the iJoy Tornado at 350 watts, passed out, and later told his bosses, “We better leave it at 300….”)

A reason for the iJoy Tornado’s extreme wattage handling and coil capacity is that it was designed by AW in California. If you’re not familiar with the California vape scene, clouds are king. The state has some of the fiercest cloud blowers and most amazing cloud competitions in the world. On a larger scale, the iJoy Tornado is another interesting East-West collaboration, just like the Sigelei 213 I recently played with.

Lastly, this section heading was not a reference to The Wizard of Oz, but a reference to the outstanding Airplane! parody.

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