The most surprising aspect of the FreeMax Starre Pure is its vapor production. For a top-airflow sub-ohm tank, this atomizer churns out a surprising amount of clouds. Sure, you’re not going to impress anyone that competes in a cloud competition, but compared to the other top-airflow sub-ohm tanks I’ve seen, the vapor production is superior.

The mechanical design of the FreeMax Starre Pure is interesting. The center section is unusually big, but still relatively easy to clean. The design also allows you to change coils while the tank is filled. That’s a convenient feature that many vapers will appreciate.

As far as the atomizer’s aesthetic design…I’m not a fan. The ridges on the airflow-control ring look practical, but the action is so light that they’re unnecessary. The drip tip has ridges that are meant to contrast with the airflow-control ring, but are just visual nuisances. Lastly, the base of the tank says “FreeMax” thrice, in case you need three reminders of who made the sub-ohm tank you’re vaping on.

Mild visual disappointment aside, I’m pretty high on this sub-ohm tank. The unique coils should provide a nice blend of flavor and vapor. For a top-airflow tank, this atomizer produces clouds that will surprise many vapers. While FreeMax has been relatively quiet on the sub-ohm tank front since the release of the Starre Pro, I expect the company to snag lots of attention with the Starre Pure.

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