I was pretty excited when the FRSTD line of e-liquids hit the office. The thought of vaping a “pop tart” e-juice had me ready!

Produced by No Match e-liquid in California, the FRSTD e-liquid line promises to deliver “your favorite toaster pastry” flavor, from fruit filling, to golden crust, all the way to the icing on top. We got all three flavors: Wild Berry, Strawberry, and Brown Sugar Cinnamon.

This was gonna be a treat, I thought. Who wouldn’t be into all that flavor without the calories?

Besides the three flavors, FRSTD comes in three nicotine strengths: zero, 3, and 6 mg/mL. This info, as well as the VG/PG ratio (60/40) is all clearly marked on the beautifully designed labels, along with their Twitter and Facebook handle. Did I mention that the labels look dope? These are the kind of bottles I would be proud to display. Hell, you could photograph them on a bridge and they’d still look classy.

I tried the FRSTD line out in a couple of different setups. For the 6 mg Strawberry and Wild Berry e-juices that I got, I’ve vaped them in the the JAC Vapour S-Series 17 vape pen. I got Brown Sugar Cinnamon with zero nicotine so I wanted to try that out in a basic sub ohm kit, for which I’ve been using the S17 with the 0.5-ohm coil as well as the Vaporesso Tarot Mini for variation.

The 60/40 VG/PG ratio means these e-liquids are versatile performers, both suited to the MTL vaper or ex-smoker, as well as the flavor chaser and sub ohming crew.

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