Fresh picked Raspberry blended with rich Cream Cheese over a tasty Powered Doughnut.”

I watched a YouTube review of The Revolution where the flavorings were stated to be “strawberry, yogurt, and doughnut.” Nope. It’s raspberry, not strawberry, and cream cheese, not yogurt. This shows how easily flavors can be mistaken, especially if you’re identifying them by the tiny pictures on the bottle. LOL.

The raspberry is a bit more tart than sweet, the cream cheese is smooth but subtle, remaining in the background, and the doughnut adds a pastry note that tastes more like cake to me than classic doughnut. I’ve vaped two or three doughnut liquids — retail and DIY — and my opinion is that the flavoring companies haven’t yet mastered doughnuts.

For me, this juice would be better if the individual flavorings were more distinct and less blended. It’s an appealing combination and a pleasing, tasty vape, but not a juice that I’d reach for on a daily basis.

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