Guerilla Straps v1 features two pockets. One is meant to hold a box mod and comes with a strap to secure your mod. The strap can be repositioned or removed entirely in order to best accommodate your mod-and-atomizer setup. The other pocket is meant for accessories, such as e-liquid bottles, batteries, etc. Naturally, you can put whatever you want in either pocket.

The first Guerilla Straps models were black and brown. The former has a classy style that looks great with business or casual outfits. The latter has a more rugged look. In the clip above, I referred to them as “formal” and “cowboy,” respectively. Phumirat cheerfully agreed with those labels.

In February, the company released three additional colors — red, pink, and off white. In addition to making fantastic Valentine’s Day gifts, the new colors helped the product appeal to a broader audience.

While Guerilla Straps v1 models are perfect for box mod vapers, the next version will appeal to vapers that use tube mods. However, a modular design ensures that owners of the original model will be able to enjoy the new design, without having to buy a whole new setup. Check out my chat with Guerilla Straps Lex above for all the details and let me know what you think of his product in the comments section.

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