Hawaii wants to ban vaping. Or, at least, two state senators think proposing such a ban might be a way to score some easy political points.

A bill introduced by Sens. William Espero and Ronald Kouchi would ban the sale of “an electronic smoking device that contains nicotine.” Greg Conley of the American Vaping Association interprets that as meaning self-contained devices like cigalikes and bottled e-liquid.

Kouchi is the president of the Hawaii senate, and Espero is vice president. Both are Democrats.

Hawaiian vapers should join CASAA, and keep an eye out for further information on this bill, and any others that may be introduced. If a complete ban makes any progressin the state legislature, CASAA will issue a call to action, and e-mail details directly to members in Hawaii.

Vaping360 tries to keep up with all state legislation on vaping, but we need your help! If you hear of proposed legislation in your state, please contact me ([email protected]), and we’ll try to stay on top of the situation.

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