The Hilo is a pod mod that behaves like a sub ohm device. Airflow is very open and at first glance, non-adjustable. However, if you hit the fire button with your thumb, your forefinger tends to naturally block the air vents. I opened up the h. one pod and it looks like it uses a similar airflow system to the Nautilus X (U-Tech), meaning the airflow comes down through the U-shaped chamber, hits the coils and passes back up through the drip tip. The Hilo only features a single coil, but it does make for a smooth vape.

The Hilo packs 10 mL of e-liquid into the pod and for its overall size, that is no small achievement. Battery life is rated at 1700 mAh, which elevates the Hilo out of the pod mod category and into the class of mini box mods. You can expect a day, or more, of solid use before needing to charge. How long will a 10 mL pod at 0.25 ohms last you? Assuming light to moderate use, I would say 5 days.

Like its relatives the Kimsun Air 10 and the Mistic 2.0, Hilo features a closed pod system with disposable atomizer. I get that this system is supposed to reduce waste from plastic e-liquid bottles. But really, is a disposable pod system like this a sustainable solution? I would argue that we, as vapers, have a responsibility to reduce waste, not add to it! And besides, a lot of people re-use their bottles. Finally, I wonder what the markup is on 10 mL of liquid and an atomizer coil? The tank can be jimmied out of its housing, but the pod itself is almost certainly hack-proof.

Vaping the (mint) pod was good, but nothing spectacular for me. The menthol flavor is refreshing on the throat, but I didn’t feel it in my sinuses. It would have been nice to try the other four flavors, but Hilo ships as a single combination so I can’t comment on them.
Price-wise, it’s not that bad – the Hilo ships in separate combinations and sells for $49.99 on Hilo’s own website, while a replacement pod will set you back $9.99 a pop. That’s 10 bucks for 10 mL of e-liquid, where you’ll pay almost $15.99 for 2.8 mL from Juul, and $22.99 for 4.5 mL from Phix.

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