So you want to know how to vape? You heard it was a better alternative to smoking, but it all just seems too complicated. Don’t give up. We’re here to help!

Much like the Matrix, you will need to experience vaping to truly understand it.

Before you can know “how to vape properly”, we must first ask ourselves “What will I be vaping?”

For simplicity, let’s break all vaping down into two categories e-juice (or e-liquid) and dry herb.

Vaping most often refers to the use of e-liquid, in an electronic cigarette, or larger devices known as personal vaporizers. In this form of vaping, the e-liquid can contains nicotine or not, it’s up to the user.

Dry herb vaping refers to using a vaporizer that is designed for dry herb, whether it’s a desktop unit or portable device. Dry herb is a general term that’s usually referring to cannabis, but it can be tobacco or other herbs.

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