Comprised of the iJoy CAPO 100W Box Mod and the Captain Mini Sub-Ohm Tank, this hip setup is the first of its kind and is designed to work with high-rate, 21700 cells. It is this design feature that allows iJoy to offer users a 100 W power maximum and an extended battery life that is “reportedly” equivalent to a comparable, dual 18650 battery device.

While “reported battery levels” is hardly concrete proof of this claim, it stands to reason that a 3750 mAh battery will generally perform much better than a standard 2200 mAh cell, so the statement does hold some validity. At the very least, you can be assured that your device won’t be depleted after only a few short puffs at maximum wattage levels.

Thankfully, by some pure stroke of marketing genius, iJoy has included the required 21700 battery with the kit. This means that you can now compare its performance against your standard 18650 cells prior to drawing your own conclusion. Plus, if you then decide to remain faithful to your 18650s, it comes with a nifty adapter that makes this 100% possible. A total win-win!

Visually speaking, the kit adopts a similar styling to the original Captain PD1865 and PD270 devices, with an oversized, rectangular firing button and front-facing OLED screen. It also has a compact, Pico-esque form factor with a screw top battery bay for easy access.

The paired Captain Mini Sub-Ohm tank has a notable visual tie in to the mod and offers an average-sized e-juice reservoir that holds either 2 mL or 3.3 mL as preferred. This capable platform incorporates a thread-less coil system for added simplicity. It utilizes pre-made coils rated for use in the 30-60 W and 80 W power range. Moreover, its unique, grooved tank chassis assists prevents overheating of the unit while in use.

If the CAPO 100W Kit performs as advertised, it could easily become the new standard for compact box mod setups within the market. But since it is unlikely that veteran vapers will willingly throw out their old 18650 cells in favor of this setup, it may still be a while before we see 21700 box mods become the new norm. Do YOU think they will catch on?

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