IJOY describes the Eco RDA as fun to build and I expect it will be, considering the roomy deck and options made available through the post configuration. The post holes appear to be pretty large, and should accept a variety of exotic wire, especially considering IJOY’s assertion that “round coils and staple helix coils” will work.

There is no denying that the Eco will provide an airy draw when using those stacked exotic coils, and the deck holds 2mL of liquid, so there should be ample juice available to feed those coils.

The Eco RDA has a rather plain aesthetic that I find appealing, and in the pictures it looks pretty good with the wide-bore resin tip, but I am questioning why they chose to engrave the name “William” into the side of the AFC sleeve — I think looks goofy and ruins an otherwise a nice looking atty.

Seriously, who stood up at that meeting and said: “…it’s just about perfect, but needs the name Willam!”

Anyway, if you can look past my bickering about the engraving, the Eco seems like it might be fun to play with and should easily handle a quad coil build, and with a large deck and massive airflow, it does offer some serious cloud chucking potential.


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