Aesthetically the ELF reminds me a lot of the SMOK Helmet tank, but with a narrower drip tip. Both are 2 mL tanks that have a metal sleeve covering the tank, and the Helmet I own is the same black and stainless color scheme. The difference is the ELF’s ability to provide a true MTL experience while the Helmet will not.

The cynics among us probably noticed that I only had one “dislike”. You may argue that it doesn’t hold enough liquid, it doesn’t do direct lung hits, it doesn’t give clouds for days… and you would be correct. I would answer by reminding you that the ELF is not intended to be used for any that, and urge you to stay away. For its intended use, I truly cannot find a negative.

True to its name, this little tank excels at providing an honest MTL draw, but can also be opened up for a restrictive lung hit. Again, it’s not meant for lung hits – but it can be done.

The ELF is simple to use, doesn’t leak, and is perfect for those that don’t want to fuss with pod mods or are tired of throw away cig-a-likes. Maybe even mom or dad, who are struggling to quit analogs. With some higher nic liquid, and a brief introduction they will be on their way to a hassle-free vaping experience that does a decent job mimicing a draw similar to smoking. Once again, this tank is desinged just like the Nautilus Mini 2 and has the same pros/cons. From the various prices I see online, the ELF is a little bit cheaper retail than the Nautilus Mini 2, but there are sales that make the difference even greater in favor of the IJOY ELF. Take that for what it’s worth.

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