When the Chinese company iJoy initially announced its proprietary “Taste Control” technology in their Asolo 200 watt box mod last year (2015), which iJoy claimed was an innovative and unique system for temperature regulation that would work with any kind of wire — not just Nickel or Titanium, but also Kanthal, Nichrome, and Stainless Steel — the company was greeted with immediate reactions by posters on various vaping forum threads that were almost entirely negative, running the gamut from disbelief through sarcasm, all the way to outright excoriation and insults. Since the mod hadn’t been brought to market at the time of the announcement, this slamming continued for months, until the Asolo mod was actually released.

Then, as reviews appeared with test data, the incredulity of the vaping community began to give way, first cautiously (since the first release of the Taste Control technology wasn’t yet perfected or 100% bulletproof), and finally completely, as iJoy was largely exonerated. Holy Cow, their Taste Control technology actually did work, at least moderately well, with any kind of wire.

Since then, iJoy has been striving to improve its system, which involves a chip that “learns” the sweet spot chosen by each vaper. At the end of 2015, iJoy released a more compact version of the Asolo 200W mod — a single-18650 75-watt box called the Solo Mini. The Taste Control System in that mod was more accurate and effective than in the original release of the Asolo. In addition, the Solo Mini offered standard Temperature Control technology for nickel, titanium, or stainless steel coils. The Taste Control mode, however, works for any kind of wire, and I actually prefer it to Temp Control, in part because Taste Control “learns” the power level each vaper likes best. Cool.

Recently, iJoy announced their new flagship sub-ohm tank, called the Goodger (weird name, with uncertain pronunciation) that uses factory-built stainless steel coil heads employing a patented air flow system that transfers air from the top of the coil head down the sides and up through the bottom of the vertical coil. At the same time, iJoy also announced the all-in-one Goodger Starter Kit — an upgraded 80-watt Solo Mini mod (with their proprietary Taste Control technology) paired with a Goodger Sub-Ohm Tank.

The Goodger Tank is the subject of this review. Whew. Took awhile to get here, but now I can get on with the review. Since I’ve written a separate review of the iJoy Goodger Starter Kit, I’ll focus here only on the Goodger Tank itself. Read the Starter Kit Review (link) to get info about the Solo Mini 80W mod and the whole kit.

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